The Kingdom Projects impact the lives of the artists, participants and audiences involved, some in ways that are quite literally, life changing. Don’t just take our word for it, read some our the wonderful testimonials below.

Rebels & Misfits Event

For all those that cross the threshold on the night to revel in the salubrious delights of Natalie’s fabulous Hay Distillery, we bring you the Flaming Lady of Hay’s ‘Rebels and Misfits Distillery Party’, a Kingdom Project whose ongoing mission is to keep the rebellious legacy and anarchic spirit of Hay’s King Richard Booth alive and kicking.

Flaming Lady of Hay Arthouse

A Kingdom Project founded in 2020, the Flaming Lady of Hay is an ART HOUSE that arose from the pandemic as an inspirational and welcoming place for creative discovery, free thought, and revelation. It endeavours to tell stories, spark up discussion and connect people all under one small, crooked roof.

The Kings Feast

There is one thing that humans all have in common, we seek out FOOD and enJOY eating, and eating together more so than eating alone. Coming together to ‘break bread’ is an intrinsic part of being a ‘happy human’.

The simple art of SHARING FOOD brings joy to all and also holds great power – to unite, to break down barriers, even to help lay past disputes to rest.

In the first of what will become an annual event in memory of Hay-On-Way’s eccentric and anarchic King, staged through the town in the form of a Jubilee style immersive Street Theatre of Food, the King’s Feast will commemorate the Life and Legacy of its much-loved King Richard Booth and his mission – Hay Home Rule.

The first Kings Feast is currently in planning, to be realised in 12th September 2025 on the anniversary of King Richard Booths birthday and will include the Coronation of his named his successor

If you like this project, please also see ‘The Divine Right Of Things’ an associated project currently in planning for 2024

The Elders

Kingdom Project’s – The ELDERS – was an accessible and impactful large community focused performance project commissioned by Festival Republic to open Latitude Festival in 2019. The mobile work passed through the whole arena delighting an audience of over 30,000 and was heralded as one of the festival highlights.

A Jaunt Through The Kingdom

A Jaunt Through The Kingdom was successfully staged in shops, cafes, a local church and through the streets of Hay-On-Wye in the Summer of 2018 and marked the official launch of the Kingdom Project. The event included performances by Don Letts, Sheema Mukherjee, Tom Ravenscroft, Rita Ray, Max Reinhardt and Opposable Thumb theatre. A presentation to the whole town was made during the event which included the last public speech by the late King Richard Booth, Hay’s eccentric and much loved anarchist book King who created Hay Home Rule and made Hay into the World’s First Book Town.


The ‘Instant Scorchestra’ is a fully participatory ‘non-concert hall’ music and film performance project. Stemming from the ‘Instant Orchestra’ – a groundbreaking music experience and free event conceived by BBC Radio 3’s Max Reinhardt in partnership with Oxford Contemporary Music.

With access to a host of donated instruments by Oxford Contemporary Music, the Instant Scorechestra provides an exciting opportunity for its audiences to be a part of the spontaneous performance of a live cinematic score led by professional musicians and composers from a range of genres and back grounds.

A collaboration under the Kingdom Project banner through Raw Projects CIC, with production by Lavish Design, the Instant Scorechestra dissolves any barriers for those who are new to contemporary music and film. The inaugural performance took place at the award winning arts and music festival Latitude in 2018 where it continues to be presented annually with support by Festival Republic.

Tee with the King

‘Tee with the King’ is an ‘accessible archive project’ celebrating the life and legacy of King Richard Booth and promoting ‘Wearable Art For Change’.

‘Never Mind The Bollocks Home Rule For Hay’ is the first of two Tee Shirt designs in the ‘Tee With The King’ series available from the Flaming Lady of Hay Arthouse and online Gallery Shop 100% of the profits from sales go directly to the Kingdom Project, so if you buy a tee you will be directly helping us to bring high calibre arts programs and events to Hay-On-Wye and other rural areas.


The Museum of Memory

Conceived in response to the artists Mother’s diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s in 2016, the Museum of Memory is an ongoing collaboration and evocative exploration of memories and how they shape and form us.
Presented as a Sound & Art Installation work serving to capture, preserve and present an immersive and diverse snapshot of lives and experiences to cause reflection, a sense of deeper human connection and ultimately inspiration.

Participants so far include Don Letts, Max Reinhart, Stephen Mallinder, Sarah Nicolls, Paul Burgess, Harry K, Danny Pockets, Louise Colbourne, Dom Jones, Glen Matlock & King Richard Booth each recounting experiences & people in their lives that have profoundly affected and inspired them.