Dik Downey Kingdom launch

When Ami from the Kingdom Project first told me we would be performing Coulrophobia (a clown show featuring swearing and disappointing nudity) in the local Catholic Church, I thought she was insane. However, I can honestly say it was a genius idea.

Having performed in festivals and theatres all over the World, it turned out to be one of the highlights of my career. The whole experience epitomised the wonderful originality of the Kingdom Project – using small, unusual local venues to bring exciting, challenging performance to the heart of the town. There was a palpable sense of excitement in the town during the build-up of the event and even on its first tentative outing the Kingdom Project felt established. The reaction from the audience for the whole event was fantastic and showed just how popular The Kingdom Project was with the local community and how ready the town was for this event.

Ami has spent many years delivering incredible arts and performance projects and festival events worldwide and is now bringing all these experiences to bear on this innovative new project. I for one have no doubt she will make it a resounding and long-term success and hope to be involved in it as much as possible!

Dik Downey from Coulrophobia about his performance at the Jaunt Through The Kingdom.