Rebels & Misfits Event

Flaming Lady Rebels & Misfits Events

24 November 2022

At the Hay Distillery

A huge thank you to all the Flaming Rebels and Misfits who joined us as the Hay Distillery, November 24th 2022, to attend the first in a new series of local Kingdom projects to celebrate our little Arthouse family, the legacy of King Richard Booth and the independent Kingdom of Hay!

We would also like to thank those artists that took part in the event – Les Trunkwell for the hilarity, stella tunes and new Hay National Anthem, Meg & Josh for their wonderful set, Veronika Lavey for her beautiful poetry readings, Goffee for his tales of Hay on fire and the current HRH King of Hay, Ollie for delivering his manifesto and the first royal warrant awarded to the Hay Takeaway for ‘service to the community and comforting chips during lockdown’.

We were also delighted to announce the inaugural Flaming Lady of Hay award, presented by King Ollie, to celebrate the triumphs and achievements of an inspirational local woman who shines brightly as a key part of the community. Our first recipient was the fabulous and much loved Kate Brotherton-Ratcliffe, mother of four and entrepreneur behind two Hay institutions – Kate the Baker and Bartrums and Co – a truly Flaming Lady!

The award itself was created and generously donated by one of our Art House artists the amazing Norma Kerr in the form of a beautiful necklace, handmade and hand engraved.

Norma Kerr’s full collection is available right here from our Flaming Lady Art House in Hay-on-Wye.

For more of the same, if you would like to help us to put on the next Misfits and Rebels event on April 1st 2023….

Support Kingdom’s Mission with our series ‘Wearable Art for Change’ as designed by Sex Pistols punk archivist and artist Paul Burgess, available from the Flaming Lady of Hay Art House and our online gallery store

Read about it on our Kingdom Project website under ‘Current Projects’ – ’Tee With The King’ where you can also ’BUY THIS TSHIRT’ – ’Flaming Things’

100% of proceeds go directly back to Kingdom Projects Mission: Art for positive change in our community.

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