Flaming Lady of Hay Arthouse

A Kingdom Project founded in 2020, the Flaming Lady of Hay is an ART HOUSE that arose from the pandemic as an inspirational and welcoming place for creative discovery, free thought, and revelation. It endeavours to tell stories, spark up discussion and connect people all under one small, crooked roof.

It emerged from a desire to address the inequality in the arts, whilst keeping the anarchic flame and creative spirit of Hay-on-Wye burning along with the legacy of King Richard Booth who made it the world’s first Book Town.

Artfully set within a tiny iconic building in Hay-on-Wye, the Flaming Lady Arthouse is a must visit immersive sanctuary. It’s a place to absorb art, find creative treasures, browse inspiring books on film, art and performance and step outside of your everyday world. Our Flaming family of collaborating artists exhibiting at the Art House includes Her Mother the Mountain, Alexis Snell, Callous Creations, Norma Kerr, Jemima Stillwell, Jane Farringdon, Circo Gringo, Jane Farringdon and Dik Downey

The Flaming Lady of Hay ART HOUSE also represents a doorway to many interconnecting projects such as the ongoing collaboration with local Historian and Artist Mari Fford to uncover and retell the stories of extraordinary and mostly forgotten historic female icons – all true ‘Flaming Ladies’ of the area and surrounding communities.

Through our inaugural 2022 Flaming Lady Award, we will celebrate the triumphs and achievements of an inspirational local woman who shone brightly and is a key part of the local community. The award will be made annually.

The key to our mission for this creative collective hub is the belief that arts and creative culture enrich lives, create positive change, and bring people together.

The Flaming Lady of Hay Arthouse is a not for profit project that provides a unique sales outlet for its artists, open 4 days per week all year round as well as through a fully transactional website for online art sales. Each artist is also promoted through the Flaming Lady Instagram account which now has over 2,000 followers spread Worldwide.

The Flaming Lady creates incredibly interesting work for its young staff, who all have a desire to learn and work within the creative industries. Learning from other female creative professionals.

To date, the project has relied on financial donations from the project founders and from Lavish Design who donate 3% of every project to Kingdom Projects. In addition, members of the Lavish Design team work hard volunteering to manage all of the admin and comms for the Gallery.

The Flaming Lady Arthouse is currently seeking much needed support in order for it to continue and grow, please donate or get in touch is you are interested in being a patron of this project or simply donate to our community interest company Kingdom Project Events.

Flaming Lady of Hay Arthouse, 20 Castle Street, Hay On Wye, HR3 5DF, UK

Online Gallery www.flaminglady.com


Instagram @flaming_lady_of_hay

Flaming Lady of Hay logo by the amazing Alexis Snell

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