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You can help us to build on the foundations of The Kingdom by making a donation to the Project. All of the research & development of the Kingdom Project to date has been unpaid, some members of our team have worked for 2 years in order to get the project to this exciting point. Our first & immediate big hurdle is to raise £25,000+ from the local community to cover the costs of the teaser event & in order to keep the Project moving forward while we seek funding from major Government and Arts organisations. It sounds a lot but if you break it down that’s 100 people giving £250 each.

You can make a donation, however small or big, to the Kingdom Project via PayPal using the email address Help us create an inspiring annual project for the people that will boost the local economy, bring a more diverse selection of high profile national & international artists to the area & ultimately to help make Wales more of an International Arts, Music & Performance destination.

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