The Artists

  • Tom Ravenscroft

    Radio presenter & modern day musical anti-hero (with a record collection to die for!) we are delighted to welcome Tom Ravenscroft to appear as a part of the Kingdom project program.

    When playing live Tom selects diverse and eclectic tracks featured on his radio show. The result – an up-tempo mash up of pioneering underground music, and at breakneck speed!

  • Don Letts

    Don Letts’ reputation has been firmly established in both the film and music world by a substantial body of work from the late 70’s through the 80’s, 90’s and well into the millennium.

    His work has been exhibited in The Kitchen N.Y.C, The Institute of Contemporary Art, The N.F.T in London and was honoured at Brooklyn’s BAM festival and The Milan Film festival.

    In March, 2003 Don won a Grammy for his documentary ‘Westway To The World’
    Letts was DJ at the Roxy club in 1977 playing reggae and dub to the punk crowd.
    Working later with The Clash and The Slits he co-founded founded Big Audio Dynamite with Mick Jones in 1984.

    Letts presents Culture Clash, his weekly music show on BBC Radio 6 Music

  • Max Reinhardt

    Arguably Radio 3’s most Avant-garde Late Junction presenter Max Reinhardt “cannot..” (in their words) “deny he is a mixed bag, but the contents all revolve around music”.

    If you have immaculate musical taste and winged boots of Spanish leather, you may well know of him as presenter of Late Junction on BBC Radio 3 and Global Beats on BBC World Service. But he’s also an associate artist with Oxford Contemporary Music where his output includes creating his Instant Orchestra projects and developing Playing the Curriculum, a free music initiative for primary schools.

    Max has been and often still is and will be forever a music event curator, DJ and member of various musical mutations such as Andy Sheppard’s Short Cuts and the Shrine Synchro System. And if you’re still reading this list of flotsam and jetsam i am, he’s co-founder and musical director of the wondrous and marvellous Oily Cart for whom he has written and arranged the music and songs in all the productions and performed in many of their shows.

    “Where Oily Cart has gone before, mainstream theatre for adults often follows a couple of years later.” Lyn Gardner, Guardian

    And let us say a final adieu with these untethered true confessions:  he has indeed created a series of live soundtracks for silent films, composed works for Oxford Contemporary Music, Spitalfields Music Festival and BBC Childrens TV and does sound design /music consultancy for Art fairs in Rio, Moscow and Miami, and for those total gods who fortunately for humanity, fly and walk across this earth and are referred to in hushed and whispered tones as Ockhams Razor.

  • Rita Ray

    In Radio, Rita is one of the regular presenters and contributors on Global Beats, BBC World Service, the flagship music series that features up and coming artists around the globe who have something to say. Rita also presents & is a consultant on Africa: A Journey Into Music BBC 4 TV, a 3 part documentary.

    As a DJ, Rita plays the whole spectrum of global music, getting her start on the ‘ones and twos’ at the legendary Mambo Inn club nights in the 1990s, she was part of the exciting revitalization of the world music scene in London. Then, along with colleague, Max Reinhardt, founded the influential, family friendly Pan Afro music and culture session, Mwalimu Express, as well as the pioneering Fela Kuti inspired Shrine club nights, out of which came their ‘live artist meets distressed global beats’ band ‘ The Shrine Synchro System where they work with a variety of artists, including Tony Allen, Eliza Carthy, Shingai Shoniwa, Andy Sheppard and Alabama 3.

    Rita also creates soundscapes for theatre companies as well as live soundtracks for silent films.

  • Sheema Mukherjee

    Niece of legendary sitarist Pandit Nikhil Banerjee & referred to as a “sitar prodigy”
    Sheema Mukherjee is a British composer and sitar player well know for her solo work & also as a member of the musical collectives Transglobal Underground & The Imagined Village.

    Sheema has collaborated with a host of international artists such as Paul Weller, Martin and Eliza Carthy, Bobby McFerrin, Boris Grebenshikov, Natacha Atlas, Kula Shaker, Noel Gallagher & Cornershop, Mercan Dede, Yanka Rupkina & Courtney Pine.

    She has toured with the likes of Jimmy Page & Robert Plant & appeared at a host of prestigious music events such as the World Music Festival (Chicago), Montreux Jazz Festival, the Olympia-Halle (Munich) & the Olympics Arts Festival for Sydney.

    Sheema co-composed the music and performed for the RSC production of ‘The Empress’, written by Tanika Gupta and directed by Emma Rice. She also performed on ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream at The Globe. Her composition “Bending in the Dark” was featured during the 2012 Summer Olympics.
    Main works & performances by Sheema include with Sir John Tavener, whom she advised and was one of the soloist on his last ever written piece, Floods of Beauty, based on sanskrit scriptures and performed at the Festival Hall.

    Sheema features on Courtney Pine’s albums Back In The Day and Devotion. She recently performed on Paul Weller’s new album which is due for release in October 2018, and is also currently working with Steve Hackett. Sheema’s most recent album is due for release in 2019 on ECC100 records.

  • Syncrosystem

    An offshoot of Rita Ray & Max Reinhardt’s legendary ‘live artist meets distressed global beats’ band ‘The Shrine Synchro System, which sprung out of their Fela Kuti inspired Shrine club nights.

    Artists that have been involved include Tony Allen, Eliza Carthy, Shingai Shoniwa, Andy Sheppard and Alabama 3. Exclusively for our Jaunt through the Kingdom event Rita & Max collaborate to present SYNCROSYSTEM live at the Old Electric featuring 3 guest artists including the ‘original sitar girl’ Sheema Mukherjee.

  • Coulrophobia

    Contains “disappointing nudity” and some language better suited to those aged 14+
    Enough subversive humor to please the most cynical of theatre goers

    B27/7 *****

    Presented by Pickled Image one of the UK’s foremost & highly respected puppet companies, and direct from a leg of their European tour to St Mary’s for a ‘Jaunt through the Kingdom’ – comes Coulrophobia & a story of two clowns trapped in a cardboard world…
    A co-production funded by Nordland Visual Theatre, Norway and the Arts Council of England, the performance started life with a three pronged challenge – to make a show that constantly felt like it was about to derail; to make a show that had a very antagonistic relationship with puppetry and lastly, to exploit the premise that clowns are scary.
    Join Dik & Adam & a lot of cardboard – on a ridiculous, anarchic, often hysterical and sometimes terrifying quest for freedom.

    Limited tickets..don’t miss it!!!

    A non stop riot of a show. A complete pleasure to watch as it moves seamlessly from the sinister to the touching to the outright hilarious
    Stage Talk magazine *****

    This performance in the flesh mixes silly slapstick with acute cognizance, peppered by flashes of the sinister and bought to life by two performers at the peak of their clowning powers

    The Wee Review, Edinburgh *****

  • Footdragger

    ‘A mesmerising revelation, Footdragger is a guitar strung cab ride into the heart of darkness’. ‘A post late junction revelation’
    Max Reinhardt, Late Junction, BBC Radio 3

    Amongst an overwhelming pride for cows & an underground grind violence scene, lies Footdragger.

    A weird sci fi loving 30 year old musician/artist raised by old skool hippies with a childhood of Dylan, Guthrie and Floyd.

    After playing guitar/drums & vokills for a group of punk rock/ metal/ doom/ dirge/ hardcore/ sludge/ noise bands for over 10 years Footdragger debued his bedroom jamz at hardcode shows supporting local bands such as Fetus Christ.

    Footdragger has released two E.P’s and also currently plays drums in Kalloused a four piece hailing from the south coast of England who’s first album ‘Damn you believer’ led to the band becoming a memorial act in the UK underground metal scene and was noted by many as one of the stand out albums of 2016.

  • Jaime Jackson

    Jaime Jackson is Artist Director of Salt Road, he makes site-specific moving image projections, digital installations through relational and studio based practice. Searching out meta- narratives found in social movements, history, sustainability and nature; forming linkages between things to create unusual open pathways for partnership working and commissioning. His work as a relational practitioner makes art based on, or inspired by, human relations and their social context, working as a facilitator seeing art as information exchanged between the artist, the co- creational participants and the viewers. Jaime’s relational practice enables disparate groups and circles of communities to link together in the sharing of the making of a formally composed set of actions to co-create an artwork as a collective. Allowing space for personal reflection and creativity the work challenges the separation and individually culture of the present, working as a biomimcry-ist his work explores our distance to nature where human activity is understood as a separate category from other natural phenomena. 

    Biograph is a moving image installation about the embodiment of nature. A moving fresco of three dancers moving in response to nature from different cultures, their costumes have been layered with the movement of rivers, trees and plants. Inspired by Biomimicry and the Biophilic City Network, cities that value residents innate connection and access to nature. The term “biophilia” means “love of life or living systems, that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature. Biograph explores the gap, distance and separation we experience from the natural world.

    HD Moving image installation 2’ loop